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Out of the Saddle 

9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding  

Are you tired of not knowing the “SECRETS OF HORSES?” 



Most people do not know the proper aid to ask their horse to do a leg –yield or a canter-walk transition.  In order to progress with your riding, it is important to understand what to do and when to do it or you will get no results.  Over stimulation or using improper timing can stall your riding progress for years.  Systematic processes like we learned in school help you progress.  A step-by-step guide geared for an adult rider to develop their mental and physical requirements to ride would be invaluable.   
Tara Nolan, author of the new book “Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding,” contends that good riding starts with the rider’s mental preparation.  Most riding instruction jumps straight to getting on the horse without first assessing the rider’s experience, knowledge and learning style.  It is critical for a person to establish a clear baseline for themselves and then write out a planned way ahead to get to their desired goals.  The rider must also make an honest assessment of their physical self-awareness—a different concept from their physical fitness level.  Then, the rider will be ready to connect with a horse and start to progress together as a team.  You might be thinking this is easier said than done.  This book combines some high level theoretical thinking and then brings it down to reality with exercises in each chapter.  You have a clear checklist of skills to master and a logical order to learn each new skill.   
Tara Nolan explains, “I was quite skilled at looking at a syllabus for a course, identifying the requirements and concepts I needed to master.  It became very frustrating to take lessons with different trainers.  There never seemed to be a plan or outline of where we were going.”  Tara has filled this gap by creating a guide and workbook that outlines a clear, step-by-step process to develop the foundation for riding.  This book provides the rider with a planning tool to take to their local trainer and create an effective and clear plan of action in line with the rider’s goals—whether personal or competitive.  Her book will also give the rider tools to effectively communicate with trainers to fill in gaps created by the challenges of individual horses.  

Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding can be ordered from www.taranolanhorses.com. The price is $29.99 plus shipping/handling.    



Author’s credentials 

Tara Nolan is a modern day Renaissance woman--author, teacher, military pilot, rider and entrepreneur.  Tara lives what she writes.  Bitten early by the horsey bug, she volunteered for stable chores, exercised horses, and found a horse in every country she deployed to in the military. Tara has taught many people to safely handle their horses, started many green horses and has successful earned her USDF Bronze Medal.  Tara has written the book she searched for when beginning her dressage journey.  


Book Statistics 

Title:               Out of the Saddle 9 Ways to Improve Your Riding  

Author:           Tara Nolan 

ISBN:               0-9845414-5-4

Category:       Rider progression 

Length:           174 pages 

Retail price:    $29.99 

Additions:      Exercises, Take Action Summaries 


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 "In her groundbreaking book Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding, Air Force Reserve Lt Col Tara Nolan applies methods used to train military pilots with her holistic, no stone left unturned, journey to successfully ride FEI level dressage.   Want to fast-forward your mastery of the art of riding?  Delve deeply into this book."  Stephanie Boyles, Founder UnbridledRider.com


"As a DO I focus on treating the whole patient not just the symptoms or individual problems.  Tara Nolan does the same thing with this book by looking at the pursuit of excellence in riding as a whole person concept including mental and emotional practice in addition to physically riding."  Dr. Jeanne Wahl, DO WVSOM