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Learning Focused Lessons for Adults

This three part Home Study Program consists of a workbook accompanied by a video that guides you through lessons and then ends with a self-test. This will allow you to learn and practice your basic skills. And, you will also be able to evalute your strenths and areas for improvement.

With these basics under your belt you will be prepared to absorb more from every lesson you take with a live instructor, regardless of your discipline.

Part I: Communication

 Communication Read Cover

 Communication Cover

  Use common groundwork techniques to learn how to precisely manage and direct your energy around your horse to achieve the responses you desire.









Lesson 1: How to Read Your Horse

Lesson 2: Energy Management for Movement of Head,      Poll/Jaw, and Neck

Lesson 3: Energy Management for Movement of the


Lesson 4: Energy Management for Moving the Shoulders

Lesson 5: Energy Management for Leg Yield



In these lessons you will learn: How to translate respect you earn from the ground into amazing rides on your horse!


Coming Soon...


Part II: Control


Part III: Conditioning and Cadence

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 "In her groundbreaking book Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding, Air Force Reserve Lt Col Tara Nolan applies methods used to train military pilots with her holistic, no stone left unturned, journey to successfully ride FEI level dressage.   Want to fast-forward your mastery of the art of riding?  Delve deeply into this book."  Stephanie Boyles, Founder UnbridledRider.com


"As a DO I focus on treating the whole patient not just the symptoms or individual problems.  Tara Nolan does the same thing with this book by looking at the pursuit of excellence in riding as a whole person concept including mental and emotional practice in addition to physically riding."  Dr. Jeanne Wahl, DO WVSOM