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According to her mom, Tara has been a horse person since she was two years old.  Like many of us, Tara relegated her horses to realm of hobby while she pursued an education and career.  

Tara graduatd from the United States Air Force Academy and succeeded as a military officer meeting many challenges. She was an aircraft commander flying   C-130 cargo aircraft in combat zones in the Middle East, managed logistical systems world-wide and taught biology to future Air Force Leaders at the Air Force Academy.

With 15 years of problem-solving along a broad range of complex action-oriented tasks, Tara chose to turn her skills towards helping people achieve  successful relationships with their horses.


Kris and TaraThroughout her military service, Tara’s passion for horses drove her to find a horse to ride at nearly every deployed location. And, when unable to ride, actively pursue her education through videos and reading.

An educator at heart, Tara enjoys taking time with people to learn their needs and desires with their own horses. Then, she likes to clearly present how to improve their communication processes.  

She discovered her talent for communication and education tied into developing effective systems. This was a key to reaching success for her military service and in the world of finance. It was honing this talent and building a system around it that has helped Tara write her first book Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horsebackriding. Tara is a student of dressage and has completed her United States Dressage Federation Bronze medal and has completed half the requirements for her Silver medal.

Tara lives in Peyton Colorado with her husband, Kris, and their horses Donzer and Ava.


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 "In her groundbreaking book Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding, Air Force Reserve Lt Col Tara Nolan applies methods used to train military pilots with her holistic, no stone left unturned, journey to successfully ride FEI level dressage.   Want to fast-forward your mastery of the art of riding?  Delve deeply into this book."  Stephanie Boyles, Founder UnbridledRider.com


"As a DO I focus on treating the whole patient not just the symptoms or individual problems.  Tara Nolan does the same thing with this book by looking at the pursuit of excellence in riding as a whole person concept including mental and emotional practice in addition to physically riding."  Dr. Jeanne Wahl, DO WVSOM